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Monday, August 18, 2008

It's all sinking in

I've reached 35 weeks and generally this is the time I go a little bit crazy and start doing all that unnecessary nesting when I should be chilling out. I can't help it. I'm a neat freak and one that likes lists! :) Hey, there is nothing wrong with being organised. I'm sure that will all go out the window when this baby makes an appearance!

We spent the weekend shopping and gathering all our supplies for the birth, yay for Bunnings! I'm now feeling ready! Well sort of...

I'm putting everything into our birth box and making sure Brendan knows where it all is before I'm waaaaaaaaay too consumed with other things if you know what I mean. The last thing I want is to be asked where stuff is.

It's actually an exciting time these last few weeks. It's setting in that there will be another little person here soon and we can't wait to meet them!

The journey we've all had to get to this point has been so intense at times but I'm so glad we are here now, ready to bring this baby into the world, the way it should be. Gently and without pain and heartache and on MY terms.
Birth trauma is something that takes a lot of work to overcome in order for some healing to occur. Good births don't fix bad ones and I'm well aware that I've got a long path to lead before I'm anywhere near healed. The important thing is that I'm working on it.

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