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Monday, September 8, 2008

Out from under a rock

So it would seem I'm still absolutely hopeless at maintaining a regular blog. Ahh well I'm sure the world kept going without me and my posting over-emotional pregnant nonsense.

So where I'm at...

I'm ready.

I feel like a womyn with passion and a purpose. I feel honoured and strong and capable. I feel the wild womyn lurking deep within me and she comes closer and closer to the surface as each day passes. I feel her in my bones, pulsing through my blood and into my heart. She is holding me, pushing me and most of all she is there, watching and waiting for when I call her to my side.

She is power

She is instinct

She is knowledge

She is strength

She is love and passion

She is within

She is waiting...


Sazz said...

Beautiful! Inspirational! (Dare I say cluck cluck for a birth just six months on)

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful entry except for the urge to put down your own creativity at the start. Truly embrace that wild moon woman and leave out that negative selftalk, hey?
*waiting in delicious anticipation for this birth*
Janet xx

Hearts and Hands said...

Just beautiful! Much love (and patience) as you draw closer to meeting your babe earthside.